• Me: *downloads tape that claims to be chopped not slopped*
  • Tape: *has the sloppiest chops imaginable*
"In some ways there are some men who have gravitated toward gaming culture because they have been rejected by this larger, alpha male culture. The problem with that is that gaming allows them to fulfill that role — the alpha male role — the macho testosterone posturing you get in a lot of these big, AAA [big-budget] games. So they’re actually kind of re-perpetuating that alpha male culture by attacking people that they perceive to be weaker than them. So they’re going after women, they’re going after queer folks, they’re going after trans folks, and especially anyone who speaks up and is critical in any way about gaming."

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"i don’t care about human love" = pretty much the best Smiths song that doesn’t exist, so good that i checked to make sure it wasn’t actually a Smiths song

"A year ago I started Critique My Dick Pic, a blog that is not safe for work unless your workplace is chill. The premise is simple: Men and other people with dicks send me photos thereof, and I critique the photos with love. I have a general policy of being gentle about people’s bodies, including their genitals (the blog’s motto is “100% ANON, NO SIZE SHAMING”), but I was also feeling particularly magnanimous toward dick pics the day that the blog was born. I’m often asked why I started CMDP, and the truth is that I woke up one morning to a dick pic so good that I felt inspired to change the others. That’s all it was—one excellent, well-planned pic from a person whose dick I explicitly wanted to see. I was jarred by how unnecessarily rare that move was and struck by the conviction that people with dicks could do better."
— Madeleine Holden, "Dick Picky" at The New Inquiry.


Peep the latest video from Ryan Caraveo for "Betty" off of his upcoming debut album "Swings". He’s been dropping tracks all summer and we can’t wait for his album to finally drop. 

That one restaurant has to be geeked about this


"NBA Style" Circa 1999

How goddamn big was that chair