Mildred Beckner dances down Baltimore Street, in the middle of The Block, to celebrate the Orioles clinching their first American League pennant. She was, the original caption noted, “an apparent victim of the pennant fever that gripped Baltimore.” (Richard Childress, Baltimore Sun photo, Sept. 22, 1966)

Champagne flowed, fans shouted with joy and the players could barely contain themselves. Such was the scene when the Baltimore Orioles clinched the American League pennant…

in 1966.

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Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley

this is everything

Is Godzilla supposed to be James Worthy, or…



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love y’all



The new Breaking News app for iPhone/iPad is here just in time for iOS 8. Beyond a bevy of new iOS 8 additions, it includes a groundbreaking new feature.

In a first for a mobile app, you can see news breaking near you, wherever you go. Tap the “nearby” tab and you’ll see real-time updates…

If you’re copping iOS8, cop this and turn on proximity alerts. Be ahead.

"The pernicious, toxic and inescapable lifelong effect of being disciplined physically – either to the point of abuse, or to the point that the distinction between acceptable and unacceptable blurs in your mind – is that you almost have to say you turned out fine, just to redeem the fact of being who you are. That you “turned out fine” is the only way to make sense of having once felt total terror or uncontrollable shaking rage at the sight of one (or both) of the two people expected to care most for you in the world. The thought that you might have ended up relatively OK or perhaps even better without all that fear is almost unbearable: the suffering only doubles if you admit that it truly had no purpose."

@clint_dempsey: Puttin on for the city ✌️

@clint_dempsey: Puttin on for the city ✌️

‘Big Bank Hank’ by Blue Scholars
Seattle’s youngest old rap group still makes my back-to-school music, even though I don’t go back to school.

FamousToMost - Official #WhipDance Video

That’s a hit.


"The white man singing soulfully […] we, unfortunately, in this country don’t get enough — we don’t get to hear that as often, so we get excited by it when the mainstream gives that a shot."

Pharrell Williams, under oath, probably, in that deposition about whether Blurred Lines rips off Marvin Gaye or not, as published in The Hollywood Reporter.

New black! Seriously, what the fuck is Pharrell talking about?